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What we do

We are a family office committed to philanthropy across Medical and Spinal Cord Research and Treatment, Education and Democracy and Freedom. We specialize in identifying emerging talent and supporting disruptive projects, offering strategic and financial backing, and fostering growth among our partners. Our ethos is to be agile and driven by impact; we support the most innovative and daring projects to drive change for tomorrow, starting today. 

Instead of merely funding initiatives, we forge genuine partnerships where our collaborators are empowered to realize their full potential. Our approach extends beyond financial support; we ensure our partners are integrated into a larger ecosystem, providing tactics, strategies, forums, summits, and conversations where they can share their missions and visions, learn from each other, and co-create global solutions. 

We believe that innovation thrives on collaboration, and by inspiring this culture through our supported initiatives, we maximize their impact and foster a more interconnected and influential global community.

Why we do it

“We believe in a better future and are focused on what can be done right now.”

Our Mandate

We support think tanks, non-profits, universities and individual projects across three strategic pillars:

Medical and Spinal Cord Research and Treatment

The key focus of this pillar is to help those suffering from spinal cord injuries recover the quality of their lives as much as possible. We are dedicated to supporting cutting-edge research, the development of unique treatment options, and the use of innovative scientific approaches to improve conditions for those who have suffered, and will suffer in the future, from severe spinal cord injuries. We believe that by breaking down barriers between medical knowledge sources, results are catalyzed. Thus, we support initiatives with financial resources, strategic insight, and access to a network that accelerates innovative, positive, and cost-effective treatments and life-improving care facilities.


We believe that education is the bedrock of societal progress and enlightenment. We are dedicated to facilitating the flourishing of new leaders. By investing in education and capacity building, we aim to nurture minds, inspire creativity, enrich the cultural tapestry of our global community, and deploy new leaders with strong values and a commitment to liberal democracy. 

Freedom and Democracy

The erosion of democracy and individual freedom is a global crisis that is accelerating at an alarming rate. Individuals across societies are suffering from the results of polarization, populism, corruption, kleptocracy, and tyranny. Today, over two-thirds of the world's population live in autocracies. The concept of leadership and how existing and future leaders deploy their power in society has become more critical than ever. Decisions are made in one society, and policies, programs, and projects are quickly replicated in others. The speed of change requires a system that can remain in step with high volatility, rapid adaptation, and high resilience to social, technological, economic, and environmental pressures. The emergence of new leaders, those who are true believers in democracy, freedom, and social and environmental sustainability as the best form of government and the best path to progress and social fairness, need to be identified, supported, and deployed in as many societies as feasible. Therefore, we are dedicated to supporting programs and individuals across the globe who are fighting to defend democracy and recover liberal values.


The problems we tackle

  • Inadequate Funding for Medical and Spinal Cord Research: Addressing the critical lack of funding and coordinated efforts in spinal cord research, striving to accelerate progress in this vital field and drastically improve outcomes for individuals affected by spinal cord injuries.

  • Disruption in Education: Recognizing the pressing need for disruptive solutions to combat inequality of opportunities in education. By challenging the status quo, we aim to create innovative approaches that empower individuals and communities to thrive and succeed regardless of their background or circumstances.

  • Threats to Democracy and Freedom: Confronting the erosion of trust and the dismantling of liberal democracies and individual freedoms. Through our actions, we seek to uphold democratic values, foster transparency, and defend the fundamental rights and liberties essential for a just and equitable society.


What makes us unique

Embedded in our ethos is our 'kitchen table' approach. We embrace the power of personal connections, shared moments, and direct action. When we meet a project leader, we spend time understanding their disruptive idea and lend our hand in crafting strategy, solutions, and valuable connections to catalyze their initiative. This informal environment fosters genuine relationships and enables us to grasp the essence of our partners' visions and how we can best support them. We value quality over quantity. 

Unlike conventional approaches, we don't exclusively seek partnerships with well-established entities. Instead, we actively pursue collaborations with smaller, visionary ventures. We champion the potential of these rising leaders and their groundbreaking concepts. Our mission is to provide the necessary support and guidance to nurture their growth into effective organizations with measurable impact and replicability throughout our network. 

We are genuine champions of innovative pioneers who bring fresh perspectives to the table, matched with an enthusiasm for excellence. Our most successful partners are those who maximize the benefits of a supportive global network to scale their initiatives. By investing in these kindred spirits, we instigate positive transformations and cultivate a community of ingenuity and cooperation.

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