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Our impact

We want to be the Partner of choice for groundbreaking organizations in selected fields, providing them with funding, networking, strategic support, and state-of-the-art expertise, information, and technology to accelerate and improve impact

How we define success

Medical and Spinal Cord Research


This pillar aims to improve the quality of life for individuals with spinal cord injuries through cutting-edge research, unique treatment development, and innovative scientific approaches. It emphasizes collaboration and support for initiatives that accelerate the advancement of effective and affordable treatments and care facilities.



We believe that education is the bedrock of societal progress and enlightenment. We are dedicated to facilitating the flourishing of new leaders. By investing in education and capacity building, we aim to nurture minds, inspire creativity, enrich the cultural tapestry of our global community, and deploy new leaders with strong values and a commitment to liberal democracy. 

Democracy and Freedom


The escalating erosion of democracy and individual freedom worldwide due to factors such as polarization, populism, corruption, kleptocracy, and tyranny. It notes that over two-thirds of the global population live under autocracies, emphasizing the critical importance of leadership in shaping society. It stresses the need for leaders committed to democracy, freedom, and sustainability to counteract these trends. The text advocates for supporting programs and individuals dedicated to defending democracy and promoting liberal values globally.

Medical and Spinal Cord Research Projects

Reynolds Innovative Spinal Electrical Stimulation Program (RISES), Thomas Jefferson University

With a rich history spanning two centuries of pioneering healthcare breakthroughs, Jefferson University stands as a renowned academic medical institution on the global stage. Among its cutting-edge endeavors is the RISES project, a groundbreaking initiative focused on electrical stimulation research to aid individuals with spinal cord injuries. Such injuries disrupt vital neural pathways, impeding communication within the body. By exploring the potential of electrical stimulation, RISES seeks to facilitate rewiring and recovery processes. Ultimately, the project aims to develop a sophisticated closed-loop system capable of delivering personalized spinal cord stimulation tailored to individual activities of daily living, promising hope and improved quality of life for patients.

The Kessler Foundation

The vision of the Kessler Foundation extends towards a world where individuals with disabilities are empowered to attain maximal independence, engage in competitive employment, and thrive with dignity in our societies. Through pioneering rehabilitation research aimed at enhancing daily functioning and employment opportunities, Kessler Foundation spearheads transformative change for both adults and children with disabilities. By conducting innovative studies and offering grants to foster genuine economic avenues, the foundation strives to unlock potential and create inclusive environments where individuals with disabilities can flourish and contribute meaningfully to society.

Education Projects

Atlas Network

The Atlas Network operates as an international coalition of think tanks dedicated to promoting programs that safeguard individual liberty, free enterprise, and voluntary cooperation in order to mitigate future poverty. Guided by the fundamental principle that every person deserves the opportunity to pursue success and live free from coercion or oppression, Atlas has cultivated a diverse network of organizations spanning across more than 100 countries. Through its commitment to nurturing leaders who are dedicated to fostering free societies, Atlas offers a range of professional development initiatives and support mechanisms to empower advocates of liberty worldwide.

Anti-Corruption Foundation Inc.

The Anti-Corruption Foundation aims to investigate and expose corruption within the Russian government and elite circles, foster democracy, and cultivate a more engaged civil society in Russia. By addressing the challenges of disinformation and corruption, the Anti-Corruption Foundation seeks to lay the groundwork for a more transparent, accountable, and participatory democracy.

Bendukidze Free Market Center (BFMC)

BFMC believes that the so-called rebuilding of Ukraine begins now, not after the war. BFMC inspires this change by investing in Ukrainian children and preparing them to become successful, freedom-valuing, self-reliant individuals. Through the Economic Education Accelerator, BFMC provides immersive educational materials, creating incentives for Ukrainian schoolchildren to develop their economic way of thinking, making economic-related subjects more available at school, and changing how they are taught by empowering teachers and promoting financial education among stakeholders.

Center on Global Democracy - Jeb E. Brooks School of Public Policy, Cornell University

The Center on Global Democracy aims to catalyze research, learning, and practice to fortify democratic institutions, principles, and practices worldwide. By fostering collaboration among faculty fellows from diverse disciplines and engaging with policymakers, civic organizations, and the broader public, the Center generates evidence-based policy solutions that bolster democracy domestically and internationally.

Digital Citizen Fund

The Digital Citizen Fund empowers Afghan women and girls through technology education by providing classes, scholarships, and entrepreneurship training to help Afghan women gain economic independence and become leaders in technology and society. Alongside technical education, The Digital Citizen Fund complements their programs with specialized financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and business competencies training.

Marvelous Ways International

Marvelous Ways International (MWI) was founded to innovate scalable solutions for complex challenges facing young people in vulnerable communities around the globe. Through the use of the most current social sciences and technology, MWI creates globally replicable systems and programs to challenge crises of gang involvement, school desertion, child homelessness, and teen pregnancy.


PerScholas is driven by a mission to promote economic equity and break down barriers to education by providing intensive training for careers in technology. Their focus lies in empowering individuals who have historically been underrepresented in the industry. Through targeted support for people of color, women, veterans, military spouses, and those without traditional four-year degrees, PerScholas works towards fostering economic growth by cultivating a more diverse workforce in the technology sector.

Tras La Perla

Tras La Perla (TLP) is a social initiative that promotes sustainable development in the city of Santa Marta and its surrounding areas, including the ecosystems of Sierra Nevada and Cienaga Grande. By bringing together stakeholders from across the region, TLP provides communities access to essential living conditions, citizen support, education, and community collaboration.

Democracy and Freedom Projects

Cornell University Tech Policy Institute

The Tech Policy Institute at Cornell University's Brooks School of Public Policy, founded in 2022, is dedicated to studying the intersection of emerging technology and global politics. Through interdisciplinary research, the Institute explores pressing issues such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and digital privacy regulations. By fostering collaboration among scholars, policymakers, and industry leaders, it aims to inform decision-making and develop responsible policies in the rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Human Rights Foundation

The Human Rights Foundation (HRF) stands as a nonpartisan, nonprofit entity committed to championing and safeguarding human rights on a global scale. Through its unwavering support for activists, HRF equips them with essential resources, skills, and connections necessary to enact meaningful change within their respective nations. Renowned for its leadership in amplifying the struggle for freedom, democracy, and the fight against oppressive regimes, HRF plays a pivotal role in elevating human rights discourse onto the international stage. Through the production of impactful legal reports, public correspondence, and opinion pieces, HRF strives to influence decision-makers and public opinion to uphold individual rights, particularly in countries governed by authoritarian regimes. As a vital ally to defenders of freedom and democracy worldwide, HRF serves as an indispensable resource in the ongoing battle for human rights.

OpenStats Initiative

OpenStats aims to support and maintain a sustainable funding ecosystem for free and open-source projects and contributors, especially Bitcoin-related projects and projects that help Bitcoin flourish. The main objective is to provide sustainable funding for freedom tools and technologies that might otherwise be uneconomical for the private sector to fund or build.

Open Dialogue Foundation

The Open Dialogue Foundation (ODF) is an international human rights organization with fifteen years of experience advocating for pro-liberty policy reforms in over 60 member states, focusing on G7 countries. Through research, awareness campaigns, and direct engagement with policymakers, ODF works to promote fundamental freedoms and democratic values worldwide.

Renew Democracy Initiative

The Renew Democracy Initiative (RDI) is a non-partisan organization dedicated to defending liberal democracy. RDI focuses on strengthening democratic institutions, promoting civic engagement, and combating authoritarianism. Through research and advocacy, RDI works to empower citizens and uphold democratic values worldwide.

The Democracy Lab

The Democracy Lab Foundation (Demo Lab) is a visionary force for defending democracy across Latin America by researching, documenting and promoting citizen engagement. As a citizen participation laboratory, Demo Lab’s research delves into the erosion of trust in democracy across the region. They address these challenges through on-the-ground programs in education, capacity building, art, and culture. DemoLab is also the annual host of the BLISS Summit, where guests from around the world including freedom fighters, academics, entrepreneurs, philanthropists and Grammy-winning artists converge to discuss and strategize on programs focussed on the defense of democracy.

Voces de la Memoria

Voces de la Memoria serves as an educational experience, exposing the atrocities of political prisoners through the use of VR technology. Voces de la Memoria is on a bold mission to reconstruct experiences that make historical memory visible in the world in a disruptive way, contributing to the clarification of the truth, the search for justice, the reparation, and the non-repetition of serious human rights violations.

World Liberty Congress

The World Liberty Congress (WLC) is led by a global assembly of advocates for democracy. This coalition convenes to provide support and solidarity to networks of political dissidents, facilitating the exchange of intelligence and strategic collaboration to bolster pro-democracy movements. In addition to speaking out against abuses of power and advocating for justice, WLC operates The Freedom Academy, which goes beyond promoting non-violent resistance and civil disobedience. The Academy's primary objective is to elevate its standing among human rights activists and empower them with the tools to effectively lead movements, even in the most challenging and volatile environments. By strengthening the resolve and capabilities of human rights activists, the Academy plays a crucial role in advancing the cause of democracy while ensuring the safety of individuals confronting hostile regimes and egregious human rights violations.

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