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Meet The Reynolds Foundation

The Reynolds Foundation was founded with the collective vision and aspiration of the Reynolds family to support individuals and initiatives across the world for the betterment of society.


Our Story

The Reynolds Foundation was founded with the collective vision and aspiration of the Reynolds family to support individuals and initiatives across the world for the betterment of society. 

As a result of a car accident in which he suffered a severe spinal cord injury, Tim Reynolds, co-founder of Jane Street Capital, became an avid activist and philanthropist for the advancement of spinal cord therapies and treatments. Through his recovery, Tim became aware of the lack of resources dedicated to the advancement of this field, as well as the passion and determination of individuals who were devoting their lives to the betterment of spinal cord injury sufferers. Tim and his family recognized an opportunity to support these brave individuals and their patients. They founded The Reynolds Family Spine Laboratory at Rutgers University as well as funding individual research programs across the country. 

Through his own recovery process, Tim discovered the therapeutic benefits and healing powers of learning new skills. More specifically, he went through a training system developed by Anthony J. Waichulis designed to teach art through deliberate practice and discipline. Art not only became his therapy but also a newfound passion. The Reynolds family has since extended their support to the intersection of art, culture, and education. In 2010, the family established ÁNI Art Academies, a global non-profit organization supporting emerging artists through an intensive multi-year art skills education. The academies span Sri Lanka, Thailand, Anguilla, the Dominican Republic, and the USA and are connected to the ÁNI Private Resorts, creating a natural synergy between the resorts and the academies, and a channel for artists to sell their work. The vision for this initiative has been to promote creative freedom and support the careers of artists across the globe. 

The Reynolds family firmly believes that the enduring support and advancement of these core principles are only possible in the context of a free and liberal society. However, the contemporary world presents formidable challenges for humanity, characterized by a convergence of disruptive forces. These include the ongoing technological revolution, the emergence of authoritarian regimes, the profound impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the urgency of the climate crisis, disparities in access to opportunities between developed and developing nations, and a complex geopolitical landscape marked by ongoing conflicts and wars in various regions. In response to these challenges, the Foundation has identified the defense of Democracy and Freedom as its third strategic pillar. 

This imperative gained momentum through a pivotal encounter between the Reynolds family and Dr. Álvaro Salas Castro, an esteemed expert in public-private partnerships, behavioral economics, investments, governance, and business in emerging economies. Dr. Salas Castro's extensive academic background encompasses a Law degree, a Foreign Affairs degree, an MBA in Finance and Economics from INCAE Business School, and an MPA with a focus on Science, Technology, and Infrastructure from Cornell University, where he graduated with the highest honors. Furthermore, he earned his Ph.D. in Administration, International Affairs, and Public Policy from Syracuse University's Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs. Dedicated to investments, philanthropy, and the defense of democracy throughout his life and career, Dr. Salas Castro has provided counsel to global family offices, philanthropists, multinational corporations, governments, and investors. His contributions span over 20 countries, where he has been instrumental in shaping policy, conducting research, and spearheading initiatives. In collaboration, the Reynolds family and Dr. Salas Castro have embarked on a transformative journey, founding a new philanthropic family office that encompasses the three strategic pillars outlined above. The Reynolds Foundation has since supported partners from across the world and strives to continue its mission of providing this support now, for the benefit of tomorrow.

Our Guiding Principles

Projects must significantly impact their relevant topic through innovation and disrupting the status quo. The idea is to maximize their impact by providing resources, strategic support, and valuable networking. It also ensures that we are constantly helping the chosen organizations and leaders to move the existing borders in their chosen fields.

Innovative and Disruptive:


Projects must have an intrinsic capacity to scale and, where applicable, be replicated and progressed by others through the sharing of knowledge. The idea is to multiply impact through replicability, both in the same general context or in other contextual situations and geographies, considering necessary adjustments.

Growth Capacity and Replicability:


Projects must propose how success and impact will be measured to allow the Foundation to monitor progress, micro and macro impact potential and achievement, and mid-term leverage of the Foundation's network and resources. Grantees are expected to demonstrate tangible and measurable results in an annual report that aligns with the objectives and goals outlined in their grant proposal.

Accountable and Transparent:


Each investment is an opportunity for impact in the chosen field and a learning opportunity that will enable us to improve our performance with each additional project we undertake. At The Reynolds Foundation, transparent and comprehensive knowledge management will enable us to document, analyze, learn, and improve with each supported project. As part of this process, we will publish our learnings and share them widely with those who can benefit from them.

Knowledge Management:


We strive for the impact of our projects to be catalyzed through the buy-in of other supporters who recognize our work and that of our leaders and beneficiaries as critically deserving of their financial and strategic support. Synergies among the various projects must be explored for resources and knowledge to be leveraged across initiatives.

Synergy and Leverage:


Board of Directors

Tim Reynolds

Chairman & Founder

Our People

As the co-founder of Jane Street Capital, Tim spearheaded one of the finance industry's most successful quantitative trading firms, renowned for its pioneering use of technology. He is also the founder of the ÁNI Art Academies and Private Resorts, The Reynolds Family Spine Laboratory at Rutgers University, and The Reynolds Foundation.

Regardless of the venture or project, Tim Reynolds continually distinguishes himself as a true leader, driven by a relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence. His academic journey includes earning an MBA in Finance, Derivatives, and Marketing from Cornell Johnson Graduate School (1992 - 1994), and a BA in Economics from Claremont McKenna College (1984 - 1988).

Caroline Reynolds

 Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer

Caroline Reynolds serves as the Vice Chairman and Co-Founder of The Reynolds Foundation, where she also holds the position of Treasurer. In addition to managing the foundation's financial affairs, Caroline works closely with the Foundation’s partners to enrich programming and strategy.

Outside of her philanthropic endeavors, Caroline is deeply passionate about music, food, and literature. She finds joy in exploring new books and indulging in ceviches, which reflects her adventurous spirit and dedication to cultural exploration.

Alvaro Salas-Castro PHD

President & CEO

Dr Álvaro Salas-Castro is a distinguished professor specializing in partnerships between the public and private sectors, behavioral economics, and collaborative governance, with 20 years of experience. He holds a Ph.D. in Administration, International Affairs, and Public Policy from Syracuse University, an MBA from INCAE Business School, and a Master of Public Administration from Cornell University with the highest honors. Throughout his career, he has received accolades such as the Adams Award from Cornell Institute for Public Affairs. Dr Salas-Castro has served as a senior management consultant for Fortune 500 companies and holds advisory roles for family offices, governments, academic institutions, and corporations.

He also serves on several boards of directors and is also the Founder of Democracy Lab Foundation (DemoLab), leads strategy at K Squared Capital, and serves as the President and CEO of The Reynolds Foundation. In his personal time, he enjoys songwriting and outdoor activities such as mountain sports and beach outings. He is also a professor of strategy at INCAE Business School and Cornell Univerity at the Master’s level.

Dr. Roberto Artavia

Strategy and Family Office Expert

Dr Roberto Artavia is the President and Founder of Roberto Artavia Consultoría Internacional, President of Viva Trust, and President of Fundación Viva Idea. He also chairs the Board of Directors of INCAE Business School, Fundación Marviva, Mapfre in Costa Rica, and Fundación Victoria in Nicaragua. With a distinguished career in academia and research, Dr Artavia is an author of books and academic articles on topics including development measurement, sustainable development, regional integration, competitive strategy, corporate governance, social responsibility, and agribusiness. He holds a Doctorate from Harvard Business School (1992), an MBA from INCAE Business School (1982), and a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the United States Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point (1980).

Dr Soumitra Dutta

Global Innovation Expert

Soumitra Dutta is a globally recognized scholar, thought leader, and educator in technology, innovation, and global affairs. With a distinguished career spanning academia, industry, and international organizations, he has shaped discourse on digital transformation, entrepreneurship, and economic development. Formerly the Dean and Professor at Cornell University, Soumitra elevated the SC Johnson College of Business through interdisciplinary collaborations and innovative business education. Before Cornell, he chaired the Global Agenda Council on the Future of Jobs and Skills at the World Economic Forum, influencing global strategies for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

A sought-after advisor for corporations, governments, and non-profits worldwide, Soumitra has authored influential publications and served on prestigious boards, advancing technological innovation, sustainable development, and inclusive growth. Holder of a Ph.D. in Computer Science, Soumitra has garnered numerous accolades for his contributions to academia and society. He continues to inspire individuals and organizations to embrace digital innovation for positive societal impact.

Dr. Tina Nabatchi

Public Policy and Democracy Expert

Dr Tina Nabatchi, Joseph A. Strasser Endowed Professor of Public Administration, is internationally recognized for her expertise in citizen participation, collaborative governance, and conflict resolution. Her groundbreaking research, including influential books like "Public Participation for 21st Century Democracy" and "Collaborative Governance Regimes," has made a significant impact on the field. Before joining the Maxwell School, she coordinated research projects for the Indiana Conflict Resolution Institute, collaborating with federal agencies like the Department of Justice and the National Institutes of Health. Dr Nabatchi has received numerous awards for teaching and research, including the Laura J. and L. Douglas Meredith Professor of Teaching Excellence at Syracuse University. As a faculty research associate at the Program for the Advancement of Research on Conflict and Collaboration (PARCC), she continues to advance knowledge in her areas of expertise.

Jack Dorsey

Technology and Financial Freedom  Expert

Jack Dorsey is a prominent technology entrepreneur, philanthropist, and programmer, widely recognized as a co-founder and former CEO of Twitter, Inc. He has significantly shaped the landscape of social media, playing a pivotal role in its development. Beyond Twitter, Dorsey is the Founder, CEO and Chairman of Block, Inc., developer of financial services platform Square. Additionally, he actively serves on the board of directors of Bluesky Social, highlighting his commitment to exploring innovative social media ventures. Known for his entrepreneurial spirit, Dorsey's influence extends beyond his corporate roles, marking him as a visionary figure in the ever-evolving realm of technology. In 2020, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Dorsey pledged $1 billion (approximately 28% of his wealth at the time) to fund COVID-19 relief efforts and other charitable causes. This donation was made through his equity in Square, Inc., and was intended to support efforts related to global health, education, and economic empowerment, among other areas.

Chloe Reynolds


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Obi Nwosu

Community Development, Technology and Financial Freedom Expert

Obi Nwosu is a leading figure in the Bitcoin industry, serving as the CEO of Fedi and advocating for the mass adoption of Bitcoin. With a wealth of experience in the field, he founded the Coinfloor Bitcoin exchange and currently holds influential positions on the boards of ₿trust and The Reynolds Foundation. Additionally, Nwosu lends his expertise as a board advisor at Gridless Compute. As a seasoned Bitcoin industry veteran, Obi Nwosu is at the forefront of applying Bitcoin’s privacy and smart contract architecture to address complex challenges faced by democracies worldwide. His innovative approaches are paving the way for advancements in the integration of Bitcoin technology into various sectors, fostering transparency and efficiency. Nwosu's dedication to leveraging Bitcoin's capabilities for positive societal impact underscores his commitment to driving meaningful change on a global scale.

Advisory Board

Alejandro Bachmann

Expert in family offices, philanthropy, and impact investment.

Alejandro Bachmann has deep expertise strategizing and creating solutions for family businesses and offices. His expertise spans financial and investment planning, wealth transfer, governance, and philanthropy advice. Alejandro holds a Bachelor's in Economics and Finance from Universidad De Los Andes and an executive MBA from Kellogg School of Management. He's an active member of the INCAE Business School's Presidential Advisory Council, focusing on empowering women entrepreneurs. Alejandro also advises The Reynolds Foundation on its philanthropic initiatives.

Céline Assaf

Human Rights Expert and Advocate

Céline Assaf, President of the Human Rights Foundation (HRF), leads the organization's programs and campaigns, focusing on safeguarding freedom of expression in Arabic and French-speaking countries. Since 2014, she has driven legal and advocacy initiatives within HRF's Center for Law and Democracy. Assaf holds a Master's degree in International Law from Columbia Law School and a Master's in French Law from Pantheon-Assas Paris II, France. She is a sought-after speaker at prestigious events like the Oslo Freedom Forum, addressing pressing global issues. Assaf's writings appear in top international media outlets such as The Washington Post, New York Times, Newsweek, and l'Express. Through her leadership, Assaf continues to champion fundamental human rights and freedom of expression worldwide.

Max Reynolds


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Emily Reynolds


Coming soon...

Dr Thomas O'Toole

 Expert in Non for Profit Management

Dr Thomas O’Toole is the Executive Director of Public Affairs Programming at Cornell University's Jeb E.  Brooks School of Public Policy. Dr O’Toole oversees the strategic direction and educational mission of the MPA  and EMPA Programs, managing student professional development, maintaining key industry  relationships, and organizing job and internship placements. He is also the architect of the MPA  Washington Externship Semester Program, providing students with a unique DC-based experience. In  addition, Thomas teaches courses on "Issues in Public Administration," and, "Strategic Planning in Public  Administration," and "Comparative Public Administration."

Marco Salazar

Marketing, Branding, Communication, Digital Strategist

Marco Salazar, Founder and Executive Director of strategic marketing agency, LiftBrand, not only excels in the realm of branding and marketing but also extends his expertise to philanthropic endeavors. With a commitment to both business success and social responsibility, Marco applies his strategic acumen and passion for making a positive impact to help guide the Foundation’s philanthropic initiatives.

Miles Suter

Technology and Innovation Expert

Miles Sutter is the Chief Product Development Officer at Cash App, where he harnesses his expertise in economics and philosophy, acquired through a double major at Dartmouth University. With a profound passion for human freedom, Sutter specializes in the intersection of cryptocurrency and personal liberties. He is deeply committed to shaping the future of financial technology as a thought leader in the industry, advocating for individual empowerment in the ever-evolving digital finance landscape. Sutter's dedication to innovation and advocacy underscores his mission to promote financial inclusion and personal freedom through technology.

Walter Kissling

Finance and Family office expert

Walter Kissling, CEO and CIO at K Squared Capital, brings extensive experience from roles at Insignia by KSC Fund LP, Corporacion Rostipollos S.A., and PredictWallStreet. Holding a Master’s Degree in Financial Engineering from UC Berkeley, earned in 2017, Walter leads a distinguished financial advisory firm serving high-net-worth individuals in Costa Rica and Latin America. He also serves as General Partner at Insignia by KSC Fund LP, known for its sophisticated options portfolio grounded in quantitative analysis. Both firms prioritize cost efficiency, diversified portfolios, and transparency, ensuring robust wealth management. With expertise in leadership, economics, and finance, Walter Kissling is a knowledgeable and influential figure in the financial industry.

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